Free Estimates

Sunshine Tree Trimming provides FREE ESTIMATES and FREE CONSULTATION, so do not delay and call Nelson Zaldivar today at 305-431-4477 or email to schedule your appointment.

Our Sales Reps are experienced and have the knowledge of every aspect of the job required since they first have to work as part of one of our crews for one year. After that, they are promoted to Crew Chief, responsible for a crew of three to four workers and ultimately promoted to a Sales Rep position, where they are responsible to oversee every aspect of the job to be performed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Skilled and Experienced Sales Representatives will listen to your needs and desires and will provide you with suggestions that will best work for you. Once our Sales Representative meets with you and you agree to have the work done at the written price, they will have you sign a Work Order agreement and will schedule for one of our crews to begin servicing your project within 72 hours. 

We do not believe in second chances, so that is why we do things right the first time around.

Our Best Advertisement  is our SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and their Referrals.


New INSTANT ESTIMATE: just simply take several pictures and videos of the tree or trees to be trimmed or removed, and text your first and last name, your complete address and pictures of the trees to be serviced to 305-431-4477 and we will text you with a ball park figure, so you can have an idea of what costs to expect for the services needed.