Example of Costs

The following are some examples of what a job will cost you based on your specific needs, so you will have an idea prior to us meeting with you:

Trim and Prune one large 25 foot Black Olive or Oak Tree, trim them back approximately 2 to 3 feet around, lift low hanging branches and thin out the center so that the wind flows through them with little resistance to prevent the tree from being uprooted and from toppling over, especially during hurricaines: $350 and up

Trim One 20 foot Palm tree with a 10 O’Clock – 2 O’Clock Hurricane trim, remove dead frongs and seed pods: $30 and up

Cut down one large 25 foot Pine, Black Olive or most other Trees from an easy to access area: $400 and up

Grind down a Stump 6 to 8 inches below the ground level with a Stump Grinder: $30 and up

These are just a few examples for you to keep in mind as to what we will quote you when we arrive, so please contact Nelson Zaldivar today at 305-431-4477 or email nelson@sunshinetreetrimming.com so that we can schedule an appointment to begin providing you with our excellent personalized Tree Trimming Services.