Additional Services

We also offer the following additional services, per our customers’ requests, such as Pressure Cleaning Services, Irrigation Systems, Landscape Lighting and several other services that we can fulfill for you. Please let us know if you have any needs for any of the services that are listed below and we will be happy to accomidate you.

Pressure Washing Service: We can pressure wash your drive way, tile roof, exterior of your house or wooden fence at a cost of $0.50 per square foot and then paint two coats of paint on it for a minimal cost.



Irrigation Systems: We specialize in repairing and improving existing Irrigation Systems to meet your current needs.

Landscape Lighting Installation: We can provide you with lighting installation to make your landscaping stand out all year 


Agricultural Meter: We can install an Agricultural meter on large landscaped properties to help reduce your watering costs since you will not be charged for sewage which is 2/3 of your water bill.

Concrete Slabs and Driveways: We can provide you with a concrete patio or driveway that is four inches deep with a minimum of 500 square feet at prices starting at $4 per foot to $6 per foot for the stamped and colored concrete. See the pictures in our Photo Gallery.